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Bearsden Osteopaths


Helping you to Move, Function & Thrive.

We treat all muscle and joint pain, not just the spine. Life happens, and with that for many comes stress, injury, work, sport, parenthood...which can get too much for the body causing pain and discomfort. We can help you; you don't need to be in pain.

Move: we use massage, mobilisations and manipulations to help you move with ease. These are safe osteopathic techniques to aid your healing.

Function: We aim to help you get back to your better self, whether that's to carry your child pain-free or to run your next half-marathon injury free.

Thrive: Guiding you to move more, move well, so you can do whatever it is that's important to you, and thrive with it.

We give you confidence in understanding your injury and guide you through your journey to being pain-free.

Osteopaths Leanne, Harry, and Lindsey use massage, mobilisations, myofascial release and sometimes gentle manipulations to help you move with ease. These safe osteopathic techniques help you to move more, move well and thrive!

A hands-on form of therapy aiming to reduce restriction and improve blood flow so the body can heal itself. Massage, mobilisations, gentle manipulations and rehabilitation advice all aids recovery from any strain, top-to-toe.

A hands-on, whole body treatment targeting structural imbalance. Aiming to restore flexibility and resilience in the body, thereby reducing pain and tension.

A holistic, alternative approach to boosting the immune system to promote healing.

An exercise class that improves balance, alignment, mobility and strength. Using the breath and awareness, you learn how to move more and move well.






I had terrible back pain that came on during pregnancy that caused disturbed sleep, worse than I have ever experienced before.

I saw Linda from around 16 weeks and within a couple of sessions I was significantly better.

I am convinced I would not have been able to sleep well or work until almost my due date, without any need for pain relieving medication were it not for regular sessions with Linda.


Thank you, Dr Rosalyn Wilson, Glasgow


As a runner and triathlete, I can most definitely recommend Linda Canning at Bearsden Osteopaths. I have been seeing Linda for nearly a year and she works unlike any other therapist.

She has helped me move better and become more aware of the effects that strengthening a part of my body has on the rest.

It has been amazing for me that by making my feet stronger and when changing how I run, any niggles disappear.




Booked a last minute appointment today and was not disappointed.
Harry took time to speak to me and understand my history.

Spent a lot of time explaining to me at each stage what he was doing and how it would relieve my lower back pain.

I felt an immediate difference and was given exercises to continue working on my back till I return for my next appointment. Can not recommend going to see Harry enough!




I’d been suffering from a sore neck, back and shoulders for almost a year and had just accepted the on-going pain until a friend recommended Linda.

After the 1st appointment I noticed a huge improvement and over the course of the next few treatments the pain had significantly reduced and I felt a lot better. Linda is incredibly professional and friendly,

I can’t recommend her services highly enough! 


Thanks, Fiona, Glasgow